4992433617 ce2086c80d 300x215 Kids Beds For Any DécorWhether decorating for the first time or updating a growing child’s room can be a lot of fun. No matter what the décor, the most fundamental piece of furniture is generally the bed. Kids beds can be found in quite the variety of styles and can easily accommodate any desired look to a room. They are designed with children in mind, offering styles that capture their imagination, interests and personalities. Once this piece is selected, it can then be accessorized with the child’s favorite patterns, colors or cartoon characters with sheet and comforter sets. When more than one sleeping arrangement needs to be made, such as two children sharing a room or during sleepovers, beds for kids are designed to provide for this need.

Bunk Options

Bunk beds for kids sleep two children comfortably. Using vertical stacking, two mattress sets are fit into a room where as only one would have before. The come in many different sizes, such as a double on the bottom and a twin on the top tier. Frames for these pieces of furniture come in metal or wood and most have a safety railing on the top bunk. Although these frames are sturdy enough to accommodate an adult’s weight if necessary, they are designed primarily to withstand long term use from children. These kids beds maximize space in the bedroom, allowing for double occupancy without all the excess clutter of two mattress sets.

Double Loft Choices

If looking for a unique look with higher functioning that takes up much less space than separate furniture, double loft beds for kids are a good choice. These offer not only the convenience of stacked bunk types, but also offer other furniture accessories as well. They can be found with drawers for clothing or toy storage. Some come with a homework desk. Loft styles are highly functional as they utilize the vertical, stacked aspects of bunks and double lofts add a second sleeping area. These make for exceptional space utilization and add a nice touch to any decorating style. The frames of these beds are often times made of solid woods and are very durable. Although they are space saving, they can be slightly bulky because of the added features. However, when using these loft beds, space is saved by removing the need for added separate pieces of furniture. These kids beds make for a nice addition to any décor.

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