Bunk beds are a great bedding option for siblings who share a room. They are comfortable, attractive and help to maximize the available space. In addition, they are safe and sturdy, and many children actually prefer them to single beds. Bunk beds for kids are available in a whole range of styles, colors, sizes, shapes and designs. There are full size bunk beds for kids and mini ones as well. The piece you choose should fit the tastes of both – you and your children, as well as match well with the overall theme and style of the room you plan to put it.

Things to be Aware of When Choosing a Bunk Bed
The first thing you need to consider is who will be using the bed. This will affect factors such as size and style. For example, teenagers will need a much larger piece, and would probably appreciate a less childish design and color scheme, whereas small children need a smaller bed, with added safety features such as railings and staircases. Safety is an extremely important factor in choosing a bunk bed. They should be made of a solid and sturdy material such as metal or wood. If you choose a wooden piece, it is extremely important that the wood be evenly sanded to reduce the risk of splinters and scrapes. Top bunks need a railing to ensure that the dweller does not accidentally role off in their sleep.

Styles, Designs and Features
Kid’s beds are available in so many fun and creative designs. Some are more simple and minimalistic and others are more extravagant and imaginative. Small children often enjoy beds that depict their favorite movie, cartoon, or book characters. Other themes they might like include cowboys and Indians, space, a sports theme, princess beds, cars, under the sea, jungle animals, etc. Teenagers and adolescents would mostly prefer plain models without a lot of elaboration, but there are still a few designs that they might be interested in. Some childrens beds come with handy in built storage spaces. These can come in several forms. One idea is having drawers under the second bunk. Another idea incorporates storage space into the steps leading up to the first bunk. These options are a great way to save space as well as store items such as clothing, toys, bedding etc.

Using a this type of bed in your children’s rooms has so many advantages. Kids beds can be fun and make a great addition to your home.

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