Wallpaper designed before the 1970s is now considered vintage wallpaper, and its appeal endures, particularly those designs from the 1940s and 1950s. This paper has timeless designs that just never get old.

Timelessness of Retro Wallpaper

While modern wallpaper may be intriguing for a time, anything with color combinations that are the fad of the moment, or designs that are truly contemporary may get old really fast. This is not so with vintage items, which is why vintage paper is now so much in demand. The flowers and other images are relaxing and soothing, making them the perfect choice for a bedroom design.

151451394 ed155b15fd m Vintage Wallpaper An Excellent Choice For Bedroom DesignAlthough there are numerous reproductions, many homeowners are searching for original wallpaper. This is especially so for bedroom design, as the beautiful florals and Victorian scenes lend themselves very well to a peaceful room. Lovely dogwood blossoms, cabbage roses, hydrangeas and other flowers, as well as the more sedate damask abound to grace the walls of either a Victorian bedroom or one with modern decor, as this paper lends itself well to almost any decorating style.

Finding Vintage Wallpaper

Those looking for the real vintage paper can find it with a brief online search. It is perhaps easier to find on the Internet, on eBay for example, and more choices are available than offline. In traditional stores, the paper will be displayed in its original rolls, giving the advantage of seeing the design in perspective. On the Internet, though, pictures often have a coin placed on the paper to help show the size of the flowers or other images. A few companies will send a small sample to the buyer for color comparison before making a purchase.

Bedroom Design Plans

Before planning a bedroom around the desired wallpaper, be sure the retailer has enough in stock. Not every dealer will have a great supply of every design. If just the right style and design is found and it becomes a must-have, but there is not enough to paper an entire room, try papering one wall and painting the other three. Or covering two adjoining walls and paint the other two. Bedrooms were often planned just that way, back when there was enough wallpaper to go around, making the look definitely vintage.

Other Considerations

Because vintage wallpaper for the bedroom is expensive, it is a good idea to hire a professional to hang it. If ordering online, be sure to measure accurately to have enough for the need, and keep in mind that shipping and handling costs will be added to the total purchase price.

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