3377899078 d02ce06bb2 300x199 Sleep Better When Expecting With The Right Pregnancy PillowAny woman who has given birth knows how hard it is to sleep with a huge belly in the last few months of gestation. The baby belly throws a woman’s body alignment out of whack and creates a challenge for daily activities. It makes sleeping at night extremely difficult as well, which is why the pregnancy pillow was created. Pregnancy pillows are a life saver, especially during that third trimester and for women who carry large babies.

Why All Expectant Mothers Should Get a Pregnancy Pillow

Most mothers-to-be have tried to prop themselves with multiple standard pillows or cushions, but these kind tend to move out of position quickly. Proper sleep is essential for pregnant women, and this is why many doctors will suggest a chiropractic pregnancy pillow for the patient so she can get adequate rest. They are very large, and some are even larger than the standard body size types. They usually have a long tubular shape or resemble a candy cane or huge comma mark. This allows the user to sleep on her side and support her pelvis and spine by placing the pillow between her knees while still cradling her head at one end. There are also smaller sizes that look like a donut or the letter “C” for just the lower body or under the belly. The purpose is to relieve pressure in areas like the neck, spine, and hips or knees. The shape and size will depend on the woman’s height and particular support needs.

Differences in Pregnancy Pillows

There is a large variety of pregnancy pillows available at retail shops or online. As mentioned before, there are many shapes and sizes. Buying the right one is important since many are in the $50-80 price range. Someone who needs to prop the upper body at night to breathe easier or just needs the lower body support can buy a smaller one. For women who are fairly tall or have pressure points in multiple areas it may be more beneficial to buy a long maternity pillow. That way she can hug it and have support between the knees as well as a cushion for her head. Placing a support between the knees properly aligns the hips and lower spine while lying in a prone position. Even people who are not expecting have to use this technique for sleep comfort. For women who toss and turn, the double sided pregnancy pillow is ideal. It is in the shape of a giant “U” and will envelope both sides of the bed as well as the head. With this type, there is always cushioning for the head, and the sleeper can flip over from side to side without needing to move her cushions.

No matter what size or type of pregnancy pillow a woman buys, she will be glad she did. While these are more expensive than any standard pillows, the improved comfort and quality of sleep they provide are more than worth the cost. It is highly likely that users will continue to sleep with them after the baby is born, as well.

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