French beds sport a style that is unique to this kind of furniture. They are very popular not only because they are pleasing to the eye but because they can transform the look of a room in a matter of seconds. A lot of people prefer this style compared to other options for its smooth, clean lines and graceful curves. This is also a notch higher than other bedroom furniture in terms of quality.

Important Characteristics of the French Style Beds

4746592410 38e71eb838 300x225 Exploring The Time tested Allure Of French BedsAside from being classy and elegant, this style sports a mix of characteristics that separate it from the run-of-the-mill piece of bedroom accessory. For one, a typical bed in this style is made of hardwood, so one is assured that it can last a lifetime and will make for a good heirloom as well. Types of wood that are commonly used include mahogany, pine and walnut.

These styles of bed, especially antique French beds, are also known for their graceful and intricate carvings. These carvings adorn the headboard and footboards and often are the distinctions looked for in this type of bedroom furniture. The carvings are often depictions of French rural life or floral designs and extend towards to the legs, which end in rounded feet, another distinctive feature. These styles sport noticeable little differences according to the era they were made in. For example, styles in the era of Louis XV sport very intricate carvings and embellishments compared to their modern art deco counterparts. Plush comforters done with extravagant, cozy country designs are the perfect pairings to this style of bed.

Furniture That Go Well with French-inspired Beds
Fortunately, for furniture aficionados, there is a whole range of bedroom additions that go well with this kind of bed. One can have a room oozing with luxurious elegance with a few choice furniture, from bedside tables, drawers, mirrors or console tables. One can also put up curtains and drapes to match the bedroom linens. French headboards for beds will finish off the whole set-up in style.

French beds offer an elegance and class rarely seen in other types of bedroom furniture. Although they can cost considerably more than the typical piece of furniture, one cannot find an easy substitute for the durability, longevity and comfort offered by this type of bed. Whether one chooses antique or modern French beds, one can infuse a sense of comfort, luxury and elegance by bringing this bed into any bedroom.

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