Adding chair cushions give a traditional and classy touch to any furniture sets. Chair pads and cushions have been present in history, adorning palaces in the Middle Ages and great homes of historical icons. They have been a necessity in ancient years as a symbol of authority and class. In medieval churches, kneeling on cushions have been highly regarded and was reserved only to high ranking individuals. During that era, they were designed to be large, however, smaller pieces can be found in modern homes. Traditionally, they have been made of down feathers, wool, cotton and other organic materials. The availability of synthetic materials in recent years has paved the way to the manufacturing of more diverse cushion materials.

Chari Cushion For Modern Homes

374018198 dc012d472e m Home Furnishing Ideas: Chair CushionsMost chairs available today include attractive cushions for added comfort and luxurious feel. They come in a variety of materials and designs to match the furniture design and room interiors. They come in plain and plaid patterns, which work best with traditional wooden furnishings. They are also available in floral patterns suited for rocking chairs and other interesting seating furniture. With today’s modern furniture designs where many can come in irregular shapes, there might be times that seats need to be fitted with a custom chair cushions. Luckily, there are many manufacturers that can customize chair cushions into shapes, sizes and materials preferred by the customers.

Organic Chair Cushion

Recently, organic farming and manufacturing has been a major campaign by more and more industries to promote eco-friendly technology. These have produced cotton, wool, hemp, and silk that has not been treated with pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and chemicals. They are beneficial for both the environment as well as sensitive individuals when used as they are hypoallergenic. Cotton and wool are also fire retardant which makes them safe in places near fire sources such as dining chair cushions near the kitchen. Organic materials are also very comfortable however; they can be a bit more expensive than polyester, nylon or other synthetic cushion materials.

Choosing a chair cushion can be quite easy with a variety of materials and designs available in the market today. Like most other furniture, quality should always be considered when buying one. It should be durable to withstand the rigors of constant use and should not easily tear at the hem with the added pressure when seated. Designs and patterns should also match the existing theme of the room to become an attractive addition.

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