Trundle beds have a long and colorful history that date back to the early European castles. These were originally designed for the use by servants since everyone usually slept in one large room. For protection of a nobleman, their attendant usually slept on these trundles that were rolled out of sight during the day when not in use. During colonial times, children used trundles because there was severe crowding in most of the homes. The ability of pushing the trundle beneath the bed when not in use was a very economical way for using the space that was available. The history of Alabama has made a note that it was the duty of a servant to take care of her Boss’s children’s needs throughout the night so in turn slept on a trundle. A slave for the mistress of the house was known to lie at the foot of her mattress using a turkey feather fan during the night because of the heat as well as keeping away insects.

Modern Trundles

They are still very popular today and come in many different styles and materials. When shopping for bedroom furniture, it is a good idea to check out all the local furniture stores to see what they have available. If what you are looking for is not possible to find locally, there is surely at least one online retailer who will have the furniture of your choice. A type sleeping arrangement that is very popular with the kids is a set of bunk beds with trundle. Not only do bunks come in twin size, they also are available with a full size mattress on the bottom and full size trundle beds underneath. This will give a room so much more added sleeping space and you will still have an open play area in the center of the room.

Daytime Elegance with Trundles

Daybeds and trundle beds are very popular in a girls or young teens room. Not only do you have the advantage of extra sleeping space, these are perfect for when that little one wants to be just like big sister and get up on her bed. This will give Mama peace of mind when the little one is climbing up there is an added mattress only inches from the floor. Regardless of the size of your room, trundle beds are one of the most economical types of bedroom furniture available on the market.

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